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Christian Luna has autodidactically learned photography techniques with the renowned laboratory and spanish photographer Fernando Suárez. He has completed in 2003 a photojournalism course in Cenjor, a Lisbon based journalistic studies centre. He then moved on to collaborate with several newspapers and international magazines. In that same year he traveled to Mozambique to perform a few photo reportages that were later published in the prestigious Portuguese press like: "Expresso", "Público" newspaper and "A Grande Reportagem" magazine (2004-2005). Throughout the years he has worked as a freelancer and published his work in several international newspapers. In 2011 he published a reportage covering the 15M movement at a Luxemburg German sociology journal.
Christian Luna's vision is focused on the little details within the streets, with a strong sense of the economic, social and emotional development of its protagonists. Fan of black and white, Christian fails to connect to reality through the exaltation of the human condition in the city: competitive, ambitious and, at the same time, extremely lonely. A fresh view on a bitter world.


His most recent work (2012-2014), still a work in progress, is being developed within a documentary about the spanish dictatorship back in the 30s and the present consequences in a particular spanish family. On the project, Christian works as a still photographer.



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